As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, many people are busy planning how a family get together will go. I am no different as I started working through our holiday plans my mind which is always focusing on business and SEO, started comparing how an effective SEO strategy is not much different. Let me share my thoughts with you.

Planning the Party

Flip of the coin and bam turkey day is going to be hosted at your house, now that you’re over the “oh great all these people in my house” shock you have to begin the first steps of planning. Hold up we can not just rush right into it we need to sit and evaluate the situation.

Who’s coming? Grandma Sue. What about your sister in-law and her family? Is cousin Dave joining us this year?

If we did not know the how many people were coming it could be a disaster when there was not enough food to feed everyone. How much do we have vs need to buy? We start with an inventory of what we have and figure out what we need to buy. How about plates, cups, silverware… will there be enough for everyone? Figuring out all of these details in advance is just like planning and preparing for an SEO strategy.

Just like your family, every business and every website are different, before we can jump into an SEO strategy we must first evaluate areas in need of improvement to reach our goal of increasing our search engine rankings. It would not be any good to cook the best turkey in the world but not have any plates or silverware for your guests to eat with.

Much like the audit of our home to see what we already had, we must begin our SEO strategy by conducting an audit of our website. This in-depth look at what is already working and what needs improvement will help us formulate a plan and create a solid SEO foundation to build from.

Menu Planning

After you have all your RSVP’s figured out you can begin preparing the menu for your feast. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for what we have, but as many of us know it seems to also be about how much food you can stuff into your body. So our menu needs to cater to our guests needs and provide the mouth-watering food they are craving.

Vegans, Vegetarians, and allergies…. Do we have everyone covered? People are picky but that is ok because as the host we know we can provide the right ingredients so everyone can enjoy their meal. Lots of preparation goes into the meal, finding the right recipes, shopping ahead of time and not last minute. It is important to accurately plan out all the details and get everything done at the right time so there is no rush and hopefully no stress on the big party day.

SEO planning is very similar. After we conduct our initial audit, the next step is the planning. Each website and each SEO project is different so it is important that we outline our plan of attack. With our SEO planning we consider things like time-frame, budget and resources all similar to our turkey day meal prep: what has to cook when & for how long, what does it cost, and who is doing it.

Just like our party guests, our website visitor can be picky too. We need to make sure we are addressing the different variety of consumers who may be visiting, giving them the content that best meets their needs.

So our feast on Thanksgiving can go one of two ways: we can put all the food out at once and people can go crazy stuffing themselves until they explode, or we can bring various dishes out in stages allowing people to enjoy the food throughout the day. SEO is the same way, we need to take it at a steady pace saving room for each part of the meal not overloading the plate and rushing through. SEO is about taking the required actions at the right time and being patient for the results to payoff.

Shopping Trip

Now the fun part, we have a list of ingredients we need for the meal, we added any decorations, extra silverware, plates, napkins, etc… maybe even through on the list getting a nice tablecloth. The advance steps we took with our menu planning are going to make this party go smooth — we hope!

When it comes to SEO, again it is very similar however the shopping stage is our technical fix stage. We can’t eat dinner without food on the table and we can’t create new SEO focused content, building quality backlinks and taking other steps without ensuring our website is operating correctly.

At this stage we take a look at things like making sure we are using the correct Google Analytics code, our XML sitemap is formatted properly, we have the correct META descriptions & titles, and using the right heading structure. This part of the SEO process is making sure we have all of the right ingredients in place to cook the perfect dinner.

Ding Ding…. Dinner Time

Woohoo it’s here, the big day, are we ready? Before we panic let’s break down our menu into the most important parts.

Turkey is the king on Thanksgiving, well content is the king when it comes to SEO. For our meal the turkey is the most important part, it takes the longest to cook and if we get it wrong everyone notices. Like cooking the turkey we need to ensure we are spending time creating high quality, unique content. A website with poor content that nobody wants to read does not deserve a spot on page 1 in Google much like a burnt turkey doesn’t deserve a spot on the table.

While the main focus of the meal is the turkey, it is not a meal if it is the only thing on the plate. Stuffing helps make the turkey look and taste better, similarly so does having your website optimized for mobile. Your content will then be more enjoyable by your visitors.

Nowadays more people are searching from mobile devices than desktop computers. It is no longer an option as to if you convert your website to a mobile-friendly design, it is a requirement.

Much like our stuffing, simplicity is key. You can get creative and try some new flavors but what happens when those spices don’t mix well with the rest of the meal. Keep your mobile design simple so people can focus on the ease of use and enjoy the engaging content.

We have turkey and stuffing that is great but man, if we added some gravy to the top it would be even better. The gravy brings the meal together, good gravy can make the meal while bad gravy and forget about it grandma is packing up and going to McDonalds. SEO’s gravy is link building and much like the gravy it can be a perfect complement to our website.

SEO over the past 20 years really has not changed that much, to core requirements are still the same. While yes there are some rules that got created as people found ways to cheat the system or new technologies were developed. The importance of high-quality link building still remains one of the top SEO methodologies. When you have relevant, high-quality links, the more authoritative your website will be in the eyes of the search engines.

Thus the same, we need to be cautious as to the links we build because having low quality links will do more harm than good, just as poor gravy will ruin the taste of our turkey.

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