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Welcome to Remove Before Flight, part of the ChangeYourPOV Podcast Network, where we help prepare Veterans to start, grow or scale a business.
Every Sunday your host, Kevin Fairbanks, will share an interview with a successful business owner, or a service organization which can help you along your journey, when possible the interviewee will also be a veteran. Remove Before Flight will always wrap up with a marketing tip of the week to help you make you business a success.

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RBF008: Charlotte Creech – Patriot Boot Camp

Charlotte Creech - Patriot Boot Camp In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Charlotte Creech from Patriot Bootcamp a great resource for any veteran entrepreneurs in the tech space. Join us next week to continue our series on SEO.   IN...

RBF007: Father’s Day Special Featuring Paige Fairbanks

Father's Day Special Edition Featuring Paige Fairbanks In this episode, we changing things up a little by bringing you a special edition for Father's Day. Kevin's daughter Paige joins him to discuss the meaning behind Father's Day and talk about...

RBF006: James Truesdell – DBVA – SEO Series Part III

James Truesdell - Double Barrel Veteran Apparel SEO Mini-Series Part III In this episode, we had the pleasure talking with James Truesdell, a fellow veteran and entrepreneur. James owns and operates Double Barrel Veteran Apparel where he provides high...

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