On October 1st, 2015 I published a blog post with my first impressions of the Amazon Fire Tablet. That just a little over 2 years ago, so I am going to share an update to the story. If you have not read the original article you can find it at $50 Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet (2015) – My First Thoughts

Nothing has really changed over the past two years for the negative. I have grown very fondly of my Fire Tablet and very satisfied with my decision to purchase it. Since then I have purchased several others for other family members, including two of the kid versions with the protective cases.

Very impressed with the battery, even after 2 years I find the battery holding a decent charge. In standby mode I have had the tablet sit for over a week in screensaver mode and not lose much of a charge. In active use, reading ebooks, surfing the web, checking email, watching videos I can get a good full day’s usage prior to needing a recharge.

None at all, ok well maybe one…… not purchasing the Fire tablet prior to 2015.

Moving Forward:
As I was just upgrading my website and migrating over my old content I came across the original post and had a good laugh as I was just looking at purchasing yet another Fire tablet for my podcast studio. However I am undecided on if I should get the Fire 7 or the Fire 10.

I ended deciding that my needs really didn’t justify the extra $100 price tag to get the 10. I ended up purchasing another 7 to use in the studio, and told myself when my original 7 dies I will look into getting a larger size screen and a little more horsepower on my next one.

Do you own a Fire Tablet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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