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Yes it’s true I do wear many hats, however the most important one is that I am human just like you. This site is my personal endeavor to help you be successful with your journey. View more


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Tutorials Are Coming

Over the past year I have been collecting the most requested questions and training requests. I am happy to announce a new section of my website to be launching on 11/1/2017, tutorials!

Blog Post

6 Ways Businesses Are Ranked in Local Search

We know in order to survive and be competitive that our business needs to rank high in the search results, especially for local searches, but do you know how search engines choose which businesses appear where? Search engines assume that all search have a local...


RBF019: Ghost Hunt – Richard Rawlings

Ghost Hunting at Fort Ontario - Richard Rawlings - Importance of Family Time In this episode we discover how successful entrepreneur Richard Rawlings followed his dream, and we review the ghost hunt at Fort Ontario.   IN THIS PARTICULAR EPISODE YOU...


Kevin Fairbanks serves as the Chief Executive Officer of PinkTie Technology Group, LLC – a website development and digital marketing agency. Kevin runs the Veteran Entrepreneur Mastermind where he helps bring Veterans together to discuss business ownership. He’s involved in several community organization including serving as a board member for the Greater Cicero Chamber of Commerce. As the host of the weekly podcast, Remove Before Flight, Kevin teaches Veterans how to start, grow, or scale a business.

Short of being a father, serving in the United States Air Force was one of the most important period in Kevin’s life. It reinforced who he is today and complimented the values taught to him growing up by his parents.

During his service time, Kevin had the pleasure of traveling the world and seeing how other cultures lived both pleasant and unpleasant. During one of these missions he experienced injuries that ultimately led to my honorable discharge as a Service Disabled Veteran.