After setting up a few domains in Sentora I realized I needed to add a couple to a sub-account, there was not the option for changing the owner directly in the control panel. A quick search of the community forums at Sentora turned up an add-on module called Transfer Domain developed by Remmy from imerLabs.

Problem: This module was originally written for zPanel, a user reported in March of 2015 that it worked for them but that was the last update. So I downloaded it, installed it (easy process which is done via the control panel). The module loads, shows the domain names and users configured on the server. I select the domain I want to transfer and the user account I want to become the new owner. When I click on the transfer button, nothing happens. Ugh…. oh wait I am a programmer and can’t let it end there.

Solution: Some digging in I find I am getting the error: Uncaught ReferenceError: zPanel is not defined. Lets see what this module is made of… so I dig into the code and follow the flow my selections above took me. 3rd file in I find what I need, there is a javascript file which is referencing zPanel. I look over a couple other modules and find that the reference needs to be updated to Sentora.

To fix this module the following changes need to be made to the assets/transfer_domain.js file:

Line 19:  zPanel.dialog.confirm({
Change zPanel to Sentora

Line 32: okCallback: function() { zPanel.loader.showLoader(); $('#frm_transfer_domain').submit(); }
Change zPanel to Sentora


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