Here we are in October already and I realized I missed doing a 30 day challenge during September. This morning I was out of my normal routine and needed to be up bright and early in order to meet my normal schedule later in the day. Those of you who know me know I am anything but a morning person, so being up at 5am is not the norm. Something more around 9/10am is my schedule. Thus being said however I am usually up past 3am each night some nights choosing to not sleep at all.

As I drove to work this morning having an hour plus commute vs my normal 15 minute, watching the sun rise and feeling the energy, reminding me of how much more productive I have been in the past on days I needed to be up early for a job or an long drive to get to the first job of the day when I was self-employed. I thought to myself what a great challenge to do for my next 30 day challenge.

So with that I have vowed that my new challenge to myself is to wake up at or before 6am every day for the next 30 days. With this challenge also means having to be to bed at a decent hour the night before or the 6am just wont happen.

Are you up for the challenge?
Post a comment below if you would like to be a part of this challenge, or share what you have selected as your next challenge.


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